Saturday, 5 August 2017


A beautiful day.  Most of my morning was spent in the latest version of a bath.  Which at the moment consists of me sitting on a stool on top of a towel and washing my body from the sink.  Head to toe, no , tell a lie, head will be tomorrow.  Really struggling to breathe.  Docs on Monday if I an get in. Not sure whether this is alteration to my meds or just the progression of the disease.  But I would like to know.

Staggered up the Prom.  Three stops of hanging onto the railings to regain control of the breathing.  Worth it for the views and the birds.

Lots of juvenile Herring Gulls. 

And a surfer with no surf.

I may not be able to walk very far at the moment but just being by the sea so helps my mental welfare.

So down to the shedudio.

Baby Robin almost finished.

And another Feather begun.

While gazing out onto the garden I noticed a large Aquilegia had seed heads .  So I managed to get out and chop them all off and empty them into an envelope.  So I now have hundreds of seeds and not sure what to do with them!  Plant them - but when?

The DP was away to the Loch of Strathbeg.  He has reached his 200 bird count for 2017 so no more charging off just as we are about to eat.... I am sure his bird watching will be stress free now.  After dinner tonight as I was listening to music and gazing out of the window I saw 3 Wrens.  A record for Cherry Cottage!!

Today was my second daughter's birthday.  Which was appropriate for replacing the tumble dryer we purchased around the time she was born.  Not tried it out yet - exciting int it.

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Mum said...

Steady, steady there. Too much excitement for one day.