Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Grumpy Old Woman.

I bought a new tunic, online.  Supposed to be above the knee as it is a tunic.  I forget I have lost 5 and 3/4 inches.

But I still love it.

I went for my, now, short walk.

The beach today.

The sea today.

The Gull gang today.

An interesting addition to the the entrance to the boardwalk.  Presumably to deter the quad bikes.  But what about the pushchairs?  Or even someone in a wheelchair....

And talking about deterrents.  This gaggle of small surfers, their parents, etc. totally blocked off the prom .  As I approached earlier from the other side there were polystyrene trays with food having been consumed just strewn on the floor.  I picked one up and said, "I will put this in the bin for you."  This must have triggered a reaction as there were none to be seen on my return.  However the human barrier did not move.  

What I should have done was aimed straight for the surfboard and knocked it for 6 - sadly I tend to get grumpy after the event , and merely aimed straight for a person who - at the last minute - got out of the way.  People with pushchairs, and dogs were also stopped in their tracks at the other side.  Such bl***y ignorance.

As I left the Prom the heavens opened and the rain bounced down.  (I bet that shifted them.)  

On my return home from the car to the front door I was drenched to the skin.  I had a puddle in the bottom of the chariot bag, and everything in my bag was dripping....

Then our gardeners turned up.  And cut the grass................

My friend Lesley took this photo from her house just up the road.



kjsutcliffe artist said...

Looking good! Is it an artist's smock? If it isn't it should be 😊 as for being grumpy- keep it up, don't let their ignorance get you down. X

marlane said...

Good for you !!! Very rude and inconsiderate unaware people.

Margaret Butterworth said...

You now need some leggings with your tunic! Trust me!

Terra Hangen said...

Your grumpy post made me smile, I don't know why. I guess I could relate. People who litter drive me crazy and I see a lot of litter on my twice daily walks with Bounce and pick up some of it. Your tunic is cute, but it is long enough to be called a dress.

crafty cat corner said...

I like the tunic. I tend to go for these nowadays, so comfy. I look back to the tight skirts etc and wonder how I got through the days then. lol

Scarlet said...

I love your tunic, and it suits you very much.
Those kind of people make me furious; self absorbed and thoughtless.