Thursday, 24 August 2017

Back to normal.

Daughter no 3 and Grand kids set off this morning.  All sniffling so hope they haven't  left any germs.  They are back down to Edinburgh then on to home in Lincoln the day after.

I then spent the rest of the morning printing off stuff for the meeting in the afternoon for our Visual Art exhibition in October.  In between which I did the full body and hair wash....

After yesterday we are now having a beautiful sunny day.  Typical.  When the kids have gone.

The meeting went well.  Although I appear to have lots more computer work in many areas to sort and set my mind to.  But not complaining as humping stuff around for hanging I cannot do so sitting in front of a computer I can do.

Then it was down to the Prom.

It was warm.  There was no wind.  Heaven.

A lot of weed had come up on to the beach.

A large boat which services the oil rigs was anchored in the bay for a while and eventually moved off northwards.

I do find these jet skis annoying.  No skill I can see.  Just gets rid of any sea birds.  And noisy.

I actually managed to get up and down the Path of Doom today.  I saw lots of white lipped snails.  This photo does not do justice as to how beautiful they are.  It was taken in bright sunlight so you cannot see their markings.  This walk also means I did the .59 of a mile which I havent done for some time and so am feeling very good!

Each pause and hang over the railings gives another lovely view.

Back to normal.


Chris Elliot said...

Congratulations on completing the .59 mile! You look very sharp in your new tunic and leggings.

BadPenny said...

Your hair looks amazing against the background of grasses. I'm glad your grand daughter likes you. I hope for that one day x