Wednesday, 30 August 2017


A different day.  No walk on the Prom today.  Instead I met a good friend for afternoon coffee and cake.

The Old Auction Room at Strichen.

An amazing place in a small village.  Great atmosphere.  Plenty people in there this afternoon.  Also met other people either of us knew or both of us knew .  What I particularly like is the relaxed feeling, we did have two coffees each but even so there was no feeling that we had spent enough time in the place.  " Can I get you anything else?"  often the hidden meaning is "You have sat their long enough now piss off."

We havent seen each other for a while and spent almost 2 hours catching up.  We can both talk a lot, but think it ended in a draw!

When we came out we went for a look round outside.  It still has plenty of antiques for sale both within the cafe, upstairs in the antique room and outside.

My friend, who is also a talented photographer, zooming in on a rose.

Very warm and humid today.  I am amazed I had enough breath for all the talking I did!


galant said...

Oh, that's my kind of place! What a wonderful space!
Margaret P

Chris Elliot said...

I have marked Strichen as a place to visit if I ever get to Scotland!

Lynda said...

What an interesting place! You can't beat friends, coffee and cake :)) xx

Born and Bred said...

When I was a lad and living in the Broch, my father often took me to Roups at Strichen.

Cheryl Gardiner said...

A very beautiful place for a catch up with your friend,just found your blog and enjoy reading. I live in the mountains in Australia