Monday, 21 August 2017


Progress on the Selfie.

Thank you for the lovely compliments.  Of course I am much prettier.  But not when I am a few inches away from a mirror.  And I paint what I see.  When I am in full flow and the face is animated - well then I am beautiful!!  

The DP said to me, "  You dont have the bags or the saggy chins."  

Thank God for that - he is not a mirror a few inches away!  YAY.   And I usually have a smile too.  For him.

While I am on the look at me aren't I lovely here's the photo of the only white trousers I could find.  Although they are cropped trousers they skim my ankles.

So - this afternoon I went to - yes you have guessed it - the Prom.  Ye Gods it was windy.

I managed to walk up to the Kessock Burn.

So here we have the usual young Skurries and a Black Headed Gull  heading towards Winter plumage. And then all these Starlings who have found something nice to eat.  The DP suggested sand flies.  Now I may have one bionic eye.  But even that could not see what they were gorging on.

Now this Great Back Backed Gull hasnt been seen around much lately but here this one is back.  Progressing towards Autumn and Winter.

Back home the garden birds are moulting after all the energetic feeding of their young.  Or the young are slowly getting their adult plumage.  Progress.

This is a sparrow.

A sort of a progress is we finally had someone to come and quote for the garage roof replacement or repair.  Of course it has to be replaced.  It is Asbestos, the wood frame is rotting, it leaks, and yikes its a lot of money to sort it.  But ever thoughtful of the progress of when we are no longer here and the children having to sort it we have given the go ahead.  The next big job we are awaiting a quote for are the three Dormer windows which although double glazed the surrounds are wood.  And are probably rotten in places.  

I have now stopped looking for leggings or anything else which costs money.  Progress!


crafty cat corner said...

Love that fluffy little sparrow. I notice that ringo the seagull's head is looking a bit flecky as though he is moulting. Still got the peeper (young seagull) peeping away all day, be glad when he gets old enough to fly away. Mum and Dad are having their work cut out trying to get enough food for him.
The crop pants look okay.

Gail, northern California said...

Oh my gosh. The tunic is adorable. Keep trying for the white leggings but the cropped trousers work for now. The roomy pockets, a real plus.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Years ago I did a self portrait using a photo, I could never finish it, as I hated scrutinizing myself so closely - wish I'd finished it though, as now I would hate it even more!! Hope today is less windy for your walk, we have really mild muggy weather with leaden skies and no wind - just a really bleaugh looking day :(

galant said...

Love, love, love your tunic! Would love one like that, although I'm sure with my bum and tum it wouldn't look as good!
Margaret P

Margaret Butterworth said...

For mail order clothing, you can't beat Lands End. They have several leggings, but no white ones! Supermarkets and other cheap clothing stores are always out of your size: its a waste of time going there. I now have my groceries delivered from Woolworths, our local supermarket chain. It costs $11 but worth avoiding so much hassle.

Minigranny said...

Love that outfit and your portrait!