Sunday, 6 August 2017


Another beautiful weather day.  

It being Sunday I was lucky to not only find a space to park but my 'own' disabled spot from where I know my measurements for the walk.  Although at the moment the walk is a few steps and then hang over the railings and control breathing.

Quite a few Jet Skiers.

Although some seemed to spend a lot of time falling off and having to be rescued.

And boats righted.  

While I was staggering up and down the prom, the DP had gone to the Loch of Strathbeg.  Various birds he hoped to get better photos of but they were 'all too far away'.  This is the photographer who has spent a fortune on lenses, telescopes etc. but the birds are still to far away.... He also went to Halfords and has now provided the new chariot with some personalised bling.

So he is forgiven.  Love the windmill.

While down the shedudio I finished the latest feather painting.

I now need to gather all the latest work and tootle off to my framers to see what he can do for NEOS.  Fast nearing - starts 7th September.   

Tomorrow I have to be up and phoning the doctors at 8 a.m.  I am still struggling with breathing - it needs sorting.  You have to phone at 8 to be in with a chance of an appointment.  Despite the fact I have COPD which should mean I take precedence the receptionists take no notice.  Fingers crossed.

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Chris Elliot said...

Rooting for you this morning. Hope you are successful.