Saturday, 12 August 2017

Saturdays ups and downs.

First a down.  The DP went off for his dawn patrol.  And noticed this.

Remember we had a Leylandii hedge here which was destroyed by some vehicle.  We claimed on the insurance and had it replaced with this fence.  

The fence has to have been driven into head on.  How?  Why?  We have had all manner of advice on how to stop this again.  But apparently it is illegal for us to place stones on the verge, which many people do around here.  If someone hit the stones and was injured we would be responsible, the verge belongs to the council, how come they dont cut it then?  And so on.  Lots of discussion on facebook!  None of which has helped.

We have decided, for now, to remove the damaged bits and just leave it.  If we replace the damaged bits they will only hit it again. That could go on forever.  We have an excess on our insurance and I am not sure if we would be able to claim again anyway.  

I wanted to put up a sign saying 'You missed a bit'. but the DP wasnt too keen on that!

It was quite cool today, windy, although sunny.  But I had a prior arrangement anyway.  So no walk.  But an up.  An art exhibition.

Two friends who are artists plus another are holding an art exhibition in Rosehearty Masonic Lodge today and tomorrow.  So today I went.

Rosehearty is along the coast from us.

Rosehearty is a settlement on the Moray Firth coast, four miles west of the town Fraserburgh, in the historical county of Aberdeenshire in Scotland. The burgh has a population of approximately 1,300 with about 25 per cent of pensionable age. Wikepedia.

A lovely wee harbour.  

The lovely Eileen Maitland.  Not only a talented artist, but a framer also.  Farming is in her blood and many of her paintings reflect the animals she has cared for.

Marie Buchan also paints animals and birds but  people too.  Flamenco dancers.

Lots of lovely paintings.  I found the venue very claustrophobic.  As you can see from the outside picture of the place it is small.  Full of people, hanging boards, paintings, prints, cards, kids doing stuff and the Brownies taking up one half of the hall doing teas I did not stay long.  But I am sure it was a success and I am thrilled for two of my artist friends.  The third artist exhibiting I got the usual death stare from.  There is always one.  And I know not why.  But I wish her well too.

It was good to come home and breathe again.  And paint a bit and watch the birds a bit.

The Deer and the Hare progress.

The wine is an up and soon I will be down  - in bed.  Night night.


50 and counting said...

I love those Highland Cattle!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I am not much good in small claustrophobic rooms either.

marlane said...

It makes you wonder what kind of person or people would think it was ok to damage someone else s property and just drive on.