Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Lungs back up to 26%

After taking my meds today I realised my lungs were inflating fully.  Amazing but a bit worrying as to how near I was to  not....

I spent the morning battling with the computer and doing minutes, emails, for FASE 4 in October and lots of publicity for NEOS for our three artists in this hidden corner.  We start on September the 9th.

These will be inserted into the NEOS CATALOGUES which we will be putting out into local shops etc.  We three are really out on a limb here.  Hopefully we will get visitors.

The insert is an A4 which we can fold and insert.  I am really in the middle of nowhere.  We are all issued with yellow NEOS signs.  2 each.  Fortunately I have promises of more yellow signs to place further afield which will direct people to me and the shedudio.

Managed the promenade beach walk today.  Plenty people enjoying the weather and the beach.  Couldnt manage to put the rope into the chariot.  It would have made a lovely feature.  Somewhere.  

I AM A GRUMP.  I much prefer the beach when there are few people and lots of sea birds.

A tasteful shadow picture?!

Back home.  The DP continues to plant out the perennials I stupidly bought and neither of us can identify from the labelling or the plants.  Going to be quite exciting seeing what comes up.

I finished the baby Robin.

And on the drawing board is a Deer.  Using grasses I carefully shook out all the seeds amongst which were things that moved.  So I am still itching.

There is a deer in there somewhere.

Still breathing.  YES.


crafty cat corner said...

Your chariot shadow almost looks like a mic ready for you to do a bit of karaoke, lol

Chris Elliot said...

Technology is wonderful - when it works!

marlane said...

Thanks for blogging I enjoy seeing how you are getting along everyday.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Hope your weather is as good today - it's awful here. and I hope people find you when you are open to viewings