Monday, 7 August 2017

I love the NHS.

I was successful on about the 10th ring .  Phoning the surgery starting at 8 a.m  And got an appointment with the person I wanted rather than someone I had never met before or knew anything about me or my health problems.

Because its me and I am daft and have bling on my chariot

I also saw my GP and others on my way in for my appointment.  Who came to look at the new bling and applaud.  One wonders at why the NHS is in the state it is in when we have such wonderful supportive professionals.

Well....  A month ago it was discovered one of my inhalers was for people with asthma and as I have COPD I should be on the lower dose of.  So for a month I have had this lower dose.  And that is why I have struggled with breathing.  From 2 weeks in of having the lower dose.  Subsequently the Pharmacist said there was no reason why I should not have the higher dose.  With me so far?  So while I was there today I was told to take another inhale of the lower dose.  Which I did.  After all you expect the medical profession to know what they are talking about, it says to have one puff, but now they say and another, and immediately I could breathe more easily.  The higher dose was then prescribed.  

I am to be phoned on Thursday at 8.20 and if there is not an improvement I am to have a home visit.  And we all hope there is an improvement!

So, breathing improved I made the most of it and went to the Prom.

Very warm, little breeze.  Lovely.  All the Seagulls were out at sea.  Too many people on the beach.   There was a threat of rain but it never materialised.

This Skurry came and posed.

Made my day.


Terra Hangen said...

What a cooperative Skurry to pose for you so nicely, and good to hear you have the inhaler situation improved.

Jane said...

No wonder the doctors are never on time with their appointments if they're wandering about viewing bling on walkers.