Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Giving away.

Very windy today.  So that decided me not to walk.  Plus when I did drive past the Esplanade car park was full, all the disabled spaces too, so no chance of parking.  I was driving past to visit my mate the picture framer.  

Lots of stuff for him to do for me.

Sowing your oats.

Bird Leaves.

Bronze Fennel.

These are all to be in a white chunky frame.

The grumpy baby Robin is to be mounted.

We sorted the world out, well our art world.  Nice to have a bitch with one of the males of the human race.  I find they are often far better than the females if given any encouragement.

Later this evening having offered on Free in Fraserburgh we managed to offload a petrol mower, an electric mower and a petrol strimmer.  Garage slowly being emptied. They all worked last time the DP used them and we still had all the instruction books!  Next the old tumble dryer.  Well it still works.  We have now used the new one and it has shown itself to be quieter.  I will know if less electric has been used when I do my monthly meter reading.  The instruction book for that should still be around too.

Have to say that these freebie sites attract some odd balls.  I had this chap who messaged me repeatedly from my posting re the mower.  I can come now.  No I have agreed to give it to someone.  When are they coming, I can come now.  Tomorrow.  When?  None of your business.  I will be there.  (He had no idea where to come as I had private messaged with the collector.)  In the end I said 'I dont like being rude but piss off.'  Giving !

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Your pictures really are a delight.