Friday, 11 August 2017

A busy day.

The DP and I were out for lunch.

We went to the Dunes.

The Dunes is a Golf Driving Range and they have Kids Activities around golf.  Women sessions, beginners which are apparently great fun, and over 60s sessions with free bacon sarnies.  The Dunes is run by our two good friends Pete and Emma, who just happen to be from Yorkshire so we have a lot in common.

And they have quite happily agreed to display my NEOS catalogues by every table in the cafe, so that should shift them.  It is a lovely cafe.  All home cooked food, friendly and helpful waiting on staff, and the cook is another friend of mine.

This was my lunch today.  Three different fish cakes, small enough to tempt my miniscule appetite and very, very tasty.  Apart from the one which had Sweet Potato in, a no no from me.  But the other two were superb.  Oh, I also had a portion of chips Weave.

The DP and I then went to the beach.  So hot!  And breezy. But still hot.

There was a heavily laden fishing boat slowly coming into the harbour.

Then there was this family harvesting Kelp.  Now we dont often have Kelp on the beach here.  I have never seen anyone taking away any of the sea weed.  The family were, I think, of Chinese origin.  Does anyone know what they were going to do with it?  They were rinsing it well in the sea, which by the way is very clean.  I am sure that cleaning would have gone on once home.  But what were they to do with it then?  Amazing what one sees.

Back home the Swallows have taken over.

Covering our roof.

And on all the electric wires.

And zooming across the Barley field.


Down the Shedudio the Deer begins to emerge.

And a Brown Hare comes to life.....

Trust me.....


marlane said...

The kelp could have been harvested for putting in compost for the garden. I used to do this when I lived by the sea. Or it is very healthy for you to eat. I think it can be dried.

vic said...

I bet they were going to use the kelp as fertilizer.

crafty cat corner said...

LOved the grumpy robin, looking forward to the Hare. Only tried water colour paintint a couple of times, not good. lol. Probably takes time to master.

Sue in Suffolk said...

it's probably a health food

Eloise said...

Seaweed features in several traditional Chinese dishes so I reckon they were going to cook with it.

Mum said...

Very enjoyable day for you. Fancy seaweed for tea anyone?

lynney62 said...

I just love reading your blog! I live in Illinois, USA, in a rural farming a small town of 7000. Your pictures and stories about your beach meanderings are just wonderful! I look forward to "going there with you" everyday! Thank you for sharing with me.