Sunday, 1 July 2012

Life in the North East of Scotland.

Just a reminder of what this blog is about!  

Fraserburgh - tis the cold North Sea.  Eat your heart out Cornwall (where I learned to surf).

As this is Fraserburgh.


The UK Professional Surf Tour is coming to Fraserburgh beach this weekend for Round 4 of the UK Professional Surf Tour. The best professional surfers in the UK will attend to showcase their talents and compete to win the UK Professional Surfing Title. 2010.

Did you take that one in?  Fraserburgh Beach Professional Surf Tour?  Yay!

FRASERBURGH will be hosting the British Kite surfing Association (BKSA) 2009 Wavesmasters event this autumn, with 5 days of competition from the 30 th September to the 4 th October.

Now, did you know  that?  Would you have even thought that Fraserburgh, on the North East, the Hidden Corner, could be doing this?  Well it does.

To be honest, these web sites, from whence I got this info are a wee bit out of date, as I am sure we have had these or similar competitions more recently.  Howsomever.  We have the surf and we have the wind.  We also have the surfers and the Kite Surfers, the top photos were taken by the DP in the last few days, and today when I drove home from the Art Exhibition there were Kite Surfers on and off the beach.

 Meanwhile, back on dry land, ha, in between rain deluges, we have on the plus side, the rainbow.

The Deer.

The Fox.

An hour this morning in the wet, created a tidied bed, planted up with Hemerocallis, (Day Lilies).

Lovely flower arrangement.  (Oriental Poppies, Cranesbill, Chive flowers, Cow Parsley and Alcheamillia Morris (not good at spelling).

And two cats nearer together than normal.  (How weird is this Penny?)

A peaceful evening to you all.


Jill Chandler said...

Does anyone know why I have a white background to some of my blog and how to get rid of it?

Susan T said...

The same thing happens to me Jill, usually when I copy a quote. Blogger is a malign spirit sometimes.

It is all going on up there isn't it. You have more action than this village sees in a year.

BadPenny said...

I had that background too ...but in black ! Not sure how it went.
I think the cats have mellowed !

Super surf. I must admit I wouldn't think the North East to be a surf haven but with the weather / climate changes these days...anything goes !

It's pissin' down here today.
love watching kite surfers.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. It's Alchemilla Mollis.

First time I've heard it called Morris!

Jill Chandler said...

Oh dear, had had a glass of vino. Sorry.

BadPenny said...

Husband keeps telling me how wonderful Scotland is...
why did he leave ?!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Love the contrast here between the thrills - kite surfing, goodness! - and the quiet of home - damp gardens and snoozing cats. Fraserburgh clearly has everything!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Meant to say. If you pull up HTML rather than Compose in the post editor you should be able to see where the Hex code - it will start # - for the unwanted colours has crept in and delete it and it's attendant gubbins.

Jill Chandler said...

Annie - I did it! Thanks you are a star. All white gone.