Thursday, 26 July 2012

Thursdays Tribulations.

Our last morning of Kids Activities at the Lighthouse Museum, this Summer Holiday.  We will be back in October for 'Tattie Picking Weeks.'  Traditionally the schools close in October for the cheap labour i.e. kids to go picking Potatoes.  This no longer happens, kids picking tatties, but the schools in Scotland close for two weeks.  

The picture above is some of the art work that the children have placed into the Disc Covers.

Down in the Exhibition room at the Lighthouse Museum we entertained the kids and their carers.

Amongst the lenses of Lighthouses, exhibited, we helped them make masks.  Every time I looked in the lens direction I went blind.  For about five minutes.  Should I be taking out insurance?  Or just make sure I wear my sun glasses?

Foil sculptures.

And we all had a good time.

On my return we were going to sort more stuff out for the charity shop, but then discovered this toad in the garage.  So he/she was rescued and put outside into the wildflower meadow (lots of rye grass and weeds you dont want.)

Meanwhile, here is a buzzard on a straw bale.  Very common here in the North East, both Buzzards and Straw round bales.

My beautiful Agapanthus.  xxxx

These are the poppies I drew yesterday,at our art class, plus the Ladies Mantle and the blue thingys.  It was drawing only, no painting, so I used pencils and pens.

The problem with poppies is that once cut and brought in they open up, almost as you watch.

"But pleasures are like poppies spread,
You seize the flower, its bloom is shed."

Rabbie Burns wrote this, its in his famous poem Tam O' Shanter.

This set me off .  I have now decided to do a series of paintings with words, based on his poems/songs.  He wrote about poppies, roses, daisies, mice, skylarks, owls, sheep, wowee!

Just adding to Thursdays Tribulations!


BadPenny said...

I didn't know that about the Tatties. I suspect all the tattie collectors are Polish now.
Lovely crafting & displays. My beautiful Agapanthus are out too xx

Anonymous said...

Lots of really great activities there. Lucky kids! Can't wait to see all your poetry-inspired paintings. Wonderful! xx