Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Sunshine Award etcetra,,,,

Well this is one for Mum, it made me laugh and I hope it does her and you all.

I have to list some favourite things.  These awards are hard work...

Favourite Animal.

Tres Difficile,   Cat - well sometimes, not so much, when in the middle of the night I am awoken with that strangulated cry of said cat which indicates something in gob, which he is about to devour under bed and make horrid crunching noises.  On bones.  I used to like Parrots.  Hens I still lurve.  Ducks - interesting to watch.  But mucky. Horses, ok if you have plenty money.  Fish if your thermostat works in the tropical fish tank.  Dogs, when they are small, the rest of their lives they spend licking their bits loudly and wetly.  Rats NO WAY.  I had to look after Rats in a classroom once, when training as an NNEB.  They looked at me like they were psychopaths.  I had to give in and go clean the goldfish out.  Which actually also looked like psychopaths, but didnt have teeth.

Favourite Number.  Well, the winning one of course.  Never happened.  Hope for something with 3 in it.

Favourite Passions.  What do I get Passionate about?  Oh do not set me off.  Social wrongs, tho one could hardly call them favourites.  Calm down.  I get really excited - is that a passion - when I write something that makes me laugh, never mind anyone else, an art work I have created that surpasses my wildest dreams, yes in my dreams!  A view of either the sea or the land that fills my soul.  Music that fills my soul, mainly opera.  Or a good old hymn  (tho I am not religious)  or the Pipes -  and drums - together just spine melting.

Giving or Getting.
I think giving.  I put a lot of thought into giving.  Mainly in what I say, it doesnt have to be giving as in a gift, just saying to someone you did well, thank you, well done, tis good.

Favourite Pattern.

Garter stitch!

Favourite Day of the week.
Whichever has a bottle of red wine at the end of it.

Favourite Flower.  Dandelions, they never fail you.

Favourite Country.  Scotland.  I live here! 

Favourite Colour.  Probably green, its in everything.

Favourite Meal.  A rare steak, Aberdeen Angus or Venison and chips.

And now I am supposed to nominate other blogs for the sunshine award.

Yet again very difficult.  

Of course to Mum.

And of course all the blogs on my list on the right.  
I have been fortunate enough to actually meet bloggers in the flesh.  
Writing from Scotland and The Quiet Home.  
Friends I would never have made or met other than  on blogging.

And what wonderful , wonderful people.  

We all moan about kids being on facebook etc., the internet taking over, but oh how wonderful it is to be able to blog and meet others who blog, who you would never, ever, touch base with.  All over the world.
So  a Sunshine Award, any award, from another blogger, is yay what its all about.  We enjoy each other, so much.  So lets give our Sunshine Award  to any of you that love me, go for it.

Well now.  


Anonymous said...

Loved your lists, laughed out loud at the pic, and prize your friendship. xxx

BadPenny said...

Loved the bit about the animals ! Let the sun IS here today - all day & still shining !

Anonymous said...

What Tina said! The photo made me laugh out loud, and I loved your lists too. Thanks very much for your friendship - I'm really looking forward to our next Tea Party! And thanks for the award!