Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday's Fun? Some of it.

A good reason for not cutting down/removing your thistles.

In the background of these two foxes larking about are masses of different coloured foxgloves.  Now why have not the foxes got the gloves on?!

Unfortunately this is not our wild flower meadow.  But one can dream...

That way to Africa.  What a poor Summer the Swallows have had.    It was boiling hot and sunny this morning, then suddenly the sky went black and it 'sheeted' with rain.  At least I do not have to water all my pots.

Poor Cait Sith.  Not allowed out.  Having managed to splice his mainbrace on something sharp.  He spent most of the day being sewn up at the vets.

He has to stay indoors for 24 hours, better still 48, no chance of that.  Or me getting any sleep.  I was expecting the bucket over the head, but no, see how he goes.....If he keeps nattering at the far he hasn't.  He also is convinced the Dawn Patroller is the devil incarnate as he took him to the vets.  But he is such a big cat, I can't lift him in the cat box.

No fun there then.

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Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Love that bee on thistle pic :D Hope the poor cat heals quickly and that you do get some sleep x