Saturday, 21 July 2012

Roond and Aboot.

There has been a lot of new fencing being erected.  Inside the fencing that is already there, and I assume this is to now replace hedgerows.  Great!

Someone here decided to decorate some of the fence posts with stones!  How cool is that.  And how did they find the time?

 Now who do you suppose is seeing off who here?  The fox looks decidedly uncomfortable does it not?!

Seriously want this cat.  Watty, our neighbour with the garden stuffed with gnomes, lions, stone rabbits, propellors whizzing round , etcetera, also has some beautiful cats, which as unnuetered cats do, produce kittens.  Over the years we have had a number of ginger cats, they have such lovely natures.  But I am not allowed to have this gorgeous beast.

Roe deer.  They must have all reared their babies now as they are back out in the fields in full view.

The one below is in our rear field two days ago.

You will have to hit on this one, but it is Lapwings in amongst a neep field (neeps = turnips/swede).  Lapwings have the most enthralling cry.  Also called Peewits, as that is the sound.

Late lambs.  We do still get them here into July.  Lazy ram?  Goodness knows.

A sparrow posing in the Barley field.

Growing wild here in the North East of Scotland.  We think it is a type of Lily.

And finally, we have had sun today, so here is a sunset.

May your sunset and weekend be a good one.


Mum said...

The sparrow in the barley field picture is wonderful.
Love from Mum

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Isn't the world a magical place ... from lapwings and lamb to stone placing people and sunsets :D

Laura said...

Aw, I'm so envious of all your foxes and deer! And please bundle that kitty up and send it over!

Just lovely!

BadPenny said...

I rather like the stones on the fence posts. I've seen that double fencing it to keep deer off or snow in ?
Gorgeous Sparrow photo. We had sun & had to put sun cream on ! It's sunny today too and the garden beckons...lots of jobs after all this gallivanting on boats, the garden needs some taming.