Thursday, 5 July 2012

Art and Crafts.

On Tuesday I visited the home of artist Isobel Gregory.  This is her back garden. (Yard - all you in the States.)

Remember last year and the Volunteers at the Lighthouse Museum had a display of knitted fish, which came in in their hundreds? 
Many were sold to raise money for the Museum.  But there were quite a few,  that despite out best efforts , remained.  

Now, Isobel is one person who takes recycling to a new high.

So here are the remaining fish glued to the rocks and hung on the washing line

On Wednesday we had another class, this time on Pastel Portraits.  By another great Artist, Louise Hewitt.

Who, quite frankly, I have gone 'off' a wee bit.  The old hag above is supposed to be me.  ME!?  The last time I went into the hairdresser I said, 
"Make me look like Lulu, we are the same age."  I want my money back.

Anyroads, we had a good lesson.  I couldnt see what was going on as I was the model.  I could see the other pupils looking more and more awed by what was being created in front of them.  (awed?  they should have told her I do not look like that.)

The bit I obviously missed was LESS IS MORE.  Poor grandchild looks as if he has a dreadful disease, or is near death.  Or been down a gypsum mine - (check it out on google.)


Mum said...

The picture of you is quite good. Pity you're only a shadow of your former self. Do you feed your family?!!!!! :)

I'd love a back garden like your friend.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

All very cool. I like her interpretation of you (as a much older woman). And the fish - well I never!

BadPenny said...

You do look a bit grumpy was the chair uncomfy ? Ha Ha grandson looks chalky white !
Not too keen on that garden-there is a beach restaurant in Antigua which does similar & it just looks a mess !