Saturday, 7 July 2012

Il pleut - again.

Are we to get any summer this year?  Apart from the odd day, when I realise I have no shorts, so chop the bottoms of my jeans, and then realise I havent another pair, and its cold again - and wet.  I am thankful we have not suffered like others in the country.  

So - there was nothing else to do, and about time I donned my housework garb, pinny on top of (new) jeans and three layers on top.

I began in the Sitting Room and did the lot, down the chairs, made £1.20, found a pair of child's socks and a piece of Duplo.

Cleansed the new slate hearth avoiding smelling it or drinking it. Does anyone know of a safe, green, cleaner of slate.  We avoid chemicals as much as possible, white vinegar, lemon juice and E cloths rule in this house.  Plus bicarbonate of soda, baking powder and soda crystals.  

The Dawn Patroller replaced the shelf, which I then attacked with beeswax.  Also he replaced the skirting boards either side of the hearth.  I should mention that the last two days I have emulsioned the plaster board to the left and right and rear of the stove.  Three coats on the chimney breast,  I trust you cannot see the join!

The 'odd' orchid was given pride of place on the window sill.  It is odd as I dont know its name and it is very odd as it has this huge flower, only just beginning to open, which lasts for ages, but it only seems to do it once every two years, the rest of the time I shove it out of sight as it is most unattractive.

Being now in full flow (as was the weather outside,)  and as the DP had his drill and bit out,  careful, I remembered this storage unit we had in our old house's library, which then contained lots of information about tourism.

It now contains the daily paper, a bat detector, I kid you not, and various other bits and pieces which previously swamped the kitchen table.

So, thinking positive, as always the rain has meant I finally got round to cleaning the house (I didnt mention what I got up to upstairs, but I run the risk of being totally boring), 
and I didnt have to water ant hanging baskets, troughs, or planters.  Smile... But what am I going to do tomorrow?


Mum said...

Il pleut ici, aussi.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

sit & admire your work ?
My house is a tip this week !

Anonymous said...

Well it looks as if you've made the most of indoor weather, Jill. Your house looks super! And I can only imagine how pristine your garden retreat must be inside as well... I hope you get out at some point.

Anonymous said...

P.S. bat detector??

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Just catching up with my blog reading and I've jumped from one blogger who thinks she doesn't have the housework gene to you doing all this housework! I'd say at least three days painting should be your reward ;)