Friday, 6 July 2012

Dawn 6th July.

Dawn is about 4.20a.m.  The Dawn Patroller was up and off.

This is the Rattray Head Lighthouse.  

With the sun rising now over the North Sea.

Then he rolled round on the dunes to get a more artistic picture.  I thought these hobbies we have were supposed to be fun.  That sort of grass can cut you to ribbons.

Random sheep.

And another lighthouse, Buchan Ness.  Not at dawn.

The DP is exhibiting his photographs at the Lighthouse Museum next month.  Hence the many pics of lighthouses.

Now my friends, go back up to the first photo on the blog.  Do you see a human figure?  Leaning against the rail?  Do you see that human figure on any of the other photographs taken within minutes of each other, if not seconds?  
And here we have many, many more photographs of this lighthouse taken this morning, which well once you have seen one, you have seen them all, and not one has the figure on.

Lighthouses are unmanned, the only way to get to the lighthouse is by boat, do you see a boat?


So what is it about Dawn 6th July?


Anonymous said...

Ooh totally spooky, Jill! I dare not show my daughter or there will be no sleeping tonight... not that we live in a lighthouse but still...

Dragonfly Dreams said...

OOooooooo I LOVE the first picture (and the others too, of course!)