Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Rattray, Rattray Head and Strathbeg.

Rattray was settled as far back as 4000 BC.  It was largely destroyed in the 18th century by a storm which covered it in shifting sands.

St. Mary's Chapel, the only remaining building.

Rattray  Head lighthouse was built in stages and began working in 1895.  It was designed by David Alan Stevenson and Charles Alexander Stevenson.  A request for a lighthouse had been made year on year prior to this, it was one of the worst places for ships foundering.  It was not until massive works were going on at Peterhead Harbour that the money was grudgingly found.  It cost just over £18,000.   They were spending upwards of £500,000 at Peterhead.  Presumably if ships kept hitting the rocks at Rattray the port of Peterhead would have fewer boats in its harbour and lose money....

A Lighthouse Keeper with his family.

Now I know why I learned semaphore in the Brownies.  Just in case I married a Lighthouse Keeper.

The Lighthouse became automatic in 1982.  So she could put the flags away.

The terrific storm in 1720 created the Loch of Strathbeg.

Prior to the storm it was an estuary and one boat was trapped as the way out to sea was no longer there.  It was a small vessel laden with slates.  Subsequently the slates were used for roofs at nearby Crimond and Haddo House.

Latest water colour from that infamous woman down the shed.

Rattray Head Lighthouse .  (I am reliably informed that lighthouses are not straight and the Stevensons designed them this way to survive the weather - and there was me thinking I had it squinty.)  (But, then again......)


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Loved this post, especially the old photos, where did you find them Gill?

Love the colour palette of your painting. If you were photographing the lighthouse you'd want a slight lean to give the picture a better dynamic.

Dragonfly Dreams said...

What a beautiful watercolor! Have you any on Etsy?

Anonymous said...

How fascinating, especially about the loch being created by a single storm and the trapped slates being used locally! I love your watercolour.

BadPenny said...

Amazing what we learned at Brownies !!!