Monday, 23 July 2012


Is where our house is.  Craigellie is a part of Lonmay Parish which spreads far and wide.
A lot of the buildings are listed.  As are bits of them, like kennel block, churches, (we have quite a few), and walled gardens.  Craigellie House Walled Garden is listed.  How that affects a Garden I am unsure and must try and find out more.

Here are the latest pics from the Dawn Patroller of the Walled Garden and its valiant production of flowers despite no attention horticulturally from anyone.

I keep telling him to take a trowel and do a bit of thinning.  Do the garden good (remember the book, The Secret Garden?) and do ours some as well.  I have been known to take a cutting in a garden centre,.

But he has his principles. Unlike me.

Weather - well .  It just sheeted down.  It is warm, heavy, I am on the verge of struggling to breathe, but on the upside we get these sights at the end.

The above is a sort of squashed rainbow.  Never seen anything like that before in my life.

I got quite excited and asked, Is that the Northern Lights?  Only to be reminded we were facing South East.

Facing North West - the Sunset.

Facing South as the sun set, remember it does not get really dark here in the North East of Scotland.

Land of the Big Sky in Craigellie.


Anonymous said...

Wow - so beautiful! Both the flowers and the skyscapes. We were photographing that same graphic sky last night about 10:00 as well! I don't think ours will turn out quite so nice as yours, though. Lovely.

(Word verif: 38 micrises. Which I misread as "38 minicrises"!)

Laura Amy said...

No Northern Lights this time, perhaps, but your sky must be free enough from light pollution to have seen them from there before?

That garden looks delightful!

Jill Chandler said...

If anyone can tell me how to remove the stupid word verification I would be most grateful. I really struggle when trying to decipher them on other peoples blogs and note some do not have them which is such a relief!

Jill Chandler said...

And no, Laura Amy, we do not have any light pollution here! Although once it is really dark (?) our neighbours light up their house, but it doesnt pollute the sky.

BadPenny said...

Wonderful Big skies. I was up at four am & the view from the landing window stunning.
A real secret garden there & totally delightful.
I got rid of word verification but can't remember how !