Saturday, 30 June 2012

Fraserburgh Arts Society Annual Exhibition.

This weekend, Friday to Sunday.

My two hour stint was making tea and coffee for visitors.

Who were most appreciative and some works were purchased.

Mine remain ....without a red dot.

But who knows about tomorrow?!  I have another two hour session in the afternoon.

(Bottom left, Oyster Catcher, top right pair of lady pheasants, and below them Common Tern.)


Making It Vintage said...

Sending you loads of luck Jill, whatever happens, your paintings are being exhibited and that must count for something.......and you have one fan here. x

BadPenny said...

A red dot in the charity shop is three pounds !!! Good luck today - looks good x

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you this weekend, and hoping it was all going well. I wish I could have come up to see in person, but thanks for this glimpse. Do let us know if there were any takers today! And if not, your art is still beautiful.