Sunday, 22 July 2012

Winter in Summer and Rubbish on the tele.

At the end of the day one does want to relax and possibly watch the television.  No sex, no violence, no inane game shows, definitely no 'reality ' super tanned robots from darn Sarth.

The Dawn Patroller scrolled through what was on offer and suddenly said, "Ah ah."

We then watched well over an hour of absolutely fantastic entertainment.

You may have seen some weird advert for this chap, Andre Rieu.  His CD for sale.  At which I remember snorting.

But boy, oh boy, his concerts are something else.

The audience filled the town, there were hundreds and hundreds in the audience.  They were enjoying themselves.

As were the soloists, singers and the orchestra.

Brass musicians from miles around joined in and lined the streets.

The audience stood up and danced together.

The best night on t.v. I have experienced for a long, long time.

I thoroughly recommend it.  So if you are not interested in the Olympics, have a trawl through for Andre Rieu and enjoy.


BadPenny said...

currently watching past Olympians do
"Dancing on Ice" fun !

Lost in the Forest said...

Me & Jonny love Andre Rieu! I believe everybody laughed at us for watching it when we were up in June! xx