Friday, 20 July 2012


What is waste paper to some, is a means of weaving a place mat to others.

From an 'old' water bottle make a blowing up balloon machine.  Following the artistic decoration of the balloon of course!

A black pen and a piece of paper - a work of art.  Just doodling.

And even I and a small friend can make a starry sky.

A downloaded picture, placed underneath perspex, or a plastic bottle,or  a plastic cup, colour in the image, = a stained glass image.

Some bits of polystyrene packing wetted, sticks together and create a sculpture.

Piece of card, double sided sticky tape, string, foil and a pen, create a stained glass window.

Almost everything we use on our Kids Activity Mornings at the Lighthouse Museum is recycled something or other.  We aim to not only entertain the kids but educate the Mothers.

We had some today, Mums that is, who were off to plan out their Kids Birthday Parties.  Let the kids make their own drinking cup, plate, entertainment, low cost.   Kids happy, that is what it is all about, surely.  Some wonderful birthday parties coming up in the Broch.

My activity yesterday was a picture of a butterfly, downloaded from the internet.  I stuck it on to the inside of a plastic cup with masking tape.  They then coloured in the outside of the cup with Sharpe pens (permanent), once finished the butterfly was cut out and stuck on the wall, where it glowed.  Or they could take the whole cup home and use it as a pen holder.  Fun for all.

The afternoon I spent sorting out my shed.

A 'new' storage area, in from the garage.

Music Centres and craft stuff, sewing threads etc.

Trolleys with paints, crayons and pencils.

 Aphrodite at the waters edge, my water feature, which never has found a proper home...

The wall of Infamy gets bigger.

Calm out of the window.

And the obligatory cat.  No Activity there.


Susan T said...

Well done you for taking the time out to work with young children, always a joy. I don't know who learns more us or them. Your 'shed' is wonderful, what a place of peace to sit and work, or if the mood takes you, just be.

BadPenny said...

Lovely post. I didn't know those foam packing thingies could stick together " wotsits " can do that too !
The children look absorbed in their artwork & the ideas fabulous. I'm certian will be done again at home.

Totally envious of your shed !!!