Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Farewell and a new Start.

Yesterday the Geriatric Gang met for coffee at the Mission.

Facing onto the harbour it is not exactly an enticing looking building.  

The Mission to Seafarers (formerly, The Missions to Seamen) is an international not-for-profit charity serving professional merchant sailors across the oceans. MtS main purpose is to provide Anglican chaplains to deliver Bibles and other Christian literature to ships and to offer spiritual and pastoral care to seafarers.

Inside all is warm and friendly. (and some of the customers are phwoar.) (Some are not.)
The food and drink (non alcoholic of course) is ridiculously cheap.  I paid 95p for a milky coffee.  Milky coffee is a very Scottish drink.  A spoonful of instant coffee and poured over with hot milk.  It is okay but not exactly a cappuccino.  No chocolate on top for a start.

My main reason for going to the mission was to bid a fond farewell to a person that has become very dear to me.

Murray Campbell is Senior Superintendent of the Fishermen's Mission based at Fraserburgh, and is just entering his 24th year of service to the Mission. His area extends from Fraserburgh to Dornoch and has has also oversight for Mallaig in the west coast.  He has seved in Mallaig (2), Lochinver, Aberdeen, Scrabster & Fraserburgh.  Prior to joining the Mission, Murray was European Buyer for Scottish Seafoods based at Annan.  Lossiemouth born, Murray has been President of the Moray Battalion of the Boys' Brigade, Session Clerk of his church, Football Referee and Referee Supervisor with the SFA and Member of the Central Buchan Rotary Club (Past President of Thurso Rotary Club) In 2010, Murray was elected Chairman of the North & East Scotland Port Welfare Committee. With a passion for helping others, he is an accredited professional Member of the IWO.

Way overdue he is now about to retire and move back to Lossiemouth.  I cannot really see him retiring as such.  I really can't.  But he wont be just up the road any more.

There are certain people who stand out in your life - Murray is one in mine.

Murray on the right.  Courtesy of the Fraserburgh Herald.

  I have no religion, I dont fish, or sail in boats, or play golf, or football.  None of that mattered to him.  A delightful person who made me laugh and who laughed with me.

I wish I could say I had packed so much into my life.

But, as with Murray, there is still loads of time left!


Lynn said...

Hang on, hang on - you've packed heaps into your life.

BadPenny said...

very special. Always amuses me that Bibles are given out - the last thing I'd want to read in difficult times !