Thursday, 12 July 2012

Charging Batteries.

Ever felt like this?

Am I really getting old?  Past it?  

Following the marathon clean and sorting I then launched into Tuesday morning which was a catch up with the girls at the Cafe Connect.  We discussed the previous Kids Activity Morning at the Lighthouse Museum when 67 children turned up with parents and carers.
Discussions went on as to what we were to do this week.  (stay in bed.)

Wednesday was my usual art group morning.  Our topic is conversations.  
I decided to do my representation in water colours of a photograph I put on the blog a while ago, the conversation being, semaphore!  It just tickled me, here it is - so far, a lot more work to do.

In between all this there was no gardening - thanks to the gulf stream, which isnt streaming, but is sat on top of us.  I am seeing great swathes of green, no colours, no crops, as in grain crops, soggy sheep, soggy cows....

Lovely Peony.  Just had to cut it and bring it in.  Normally I do not cut garden flowers unless there are masses of them.  But the wind and the rain lashing them about, I feel I have rescued the beautiful .  

I am also picking poppies which, again, I would not normally do, but where is the pleasure from seeing them open up and then get battered?  If you surround them with Lady's Mantle they stay upright in a vase.  Lovely.

And I did find time to watch the birds.  Big Daddy.  He had me laughing out loud as he sidled up to a female, made sure he was in profile, head down, tail up, she was not impressed.  She flew off, he went off in noisy pursuit.  

Again, blame it on the Gulf Stream, I think the mating season should be over now, but confusion reigns, at least with the male of the species.

Above is a Beam Trawler, Carinthia from Grimsby.  Sidling in to Fraserburgh Harbour.  Apparently they catch flat fish in the North Sea.

This beauty is in the boat yard for repair or whatever.
I am hoping Penny or her partner will tell us all more about it, come on Penny!

All I know is that it is beautiful.

Which brings us to today.  The Lighthouse Kids Activity morning.  We had 30 plus Kids today, along with their parents/ carers.  I had, amongst others, Anastacia ( SPELL IT WITH A CURLY C.) (me - where do you want the curly c?)  Annya, Annia, and then a proper Steven.  

One child I was  informed was diagnosed as autistic.  So what?  Why the label?  The label was given after half an hour with some child psychologist.  No further comment.  Apart from having been trained in child development, got a distinction in the qualification and having worked with kids for over 30 years there was no way this child was autistic.  Clever, yes, in fact quite brilliant. But now labelled for life.  Aaargh.

The view from the Lighthouse Cafe.  Tis the gulf stream.

No doubt why I have a flat battery.


Anonymous said...

I think we're all feeling like our batteries are flat at the moment, we do need some sunshine, don't we. I mean, we REALLY NEED some sunshine!!

Glad you had so many kids, that's great! They dragged themselves away from the telly/computer/gaming gizmo and did something great...woo hoo!

Your painting is going to be another beauty, clever you. :)


Anonymous said...

As a new visitor here I was enjoying reading through some of your posts until I got to this one.
You were informed that one child was autistic and your comment is "So what?"

You obviously haven't got an autistic child yourself or you wouldn't carelessly make such a crass comment.

Perhaps it's your way of showing how clever you are (you included your experience and qualification) but I don't think it's clever at all and it only shows how small minded you are.

Jill Chandler said...

I do not normally publish anonymous comments. However I feel I owe an apology to this one, for not being as clear as I should. My concern is that children are all too readily and swiftly given a label, and that their real area of special need is ignored. I trust that the child anonymous has knowledge of has been properly assessed and that the correct assistance is in place. This wee soul I had the pleasure to interact with, both his carer that day and I, had serious doubts that was to be so for him