Monday, 16 July 2012

Creature of Habit.

I worry about this.  Being a creature of habit.  Is it an old age thing?  Mondays the Dawn Patroller goes off to shop.  Once he is out of the way, on goes the music, very loud, and I blitz the house cleaning.

The cats depart the house.

We have lunch.  We read the paper, we do the crosswords.  We check our emails.  The DP sorts out his photographs and I head down the garden to the shed/summerhouse/drinking den/opera theatre/bird watching hide and ......draw or paint, or sit and watch the birds, or just chill out....

But today after our lunch we shot off to the Happy Plant Garden Centre.

20% off everything!!  I had plans for all the spaces in MY garden.  This surrounds the Summer Hoose and I squint and imagine it being a walled, cottage garden.  Not just a wind blown bit in the North East of Scotland.

Two more Lavender plants, both different to the ones I already have.  One is a French Lavender, so bigger head, and was swarming with bees on the stand.  The other was a more low growing one I have never come across before, also swarming with bees,  Two Osteospurnums, bright, bright colours, and a white Veronica.  I also bunged in the trolley two red hot pokers which will look good next to the orange geums, which are not in my pretend walled garden, but at the side of the house and quite a challenging space.

So, above is part of my 'walled' garden.  The Cordylines are now in.  (From Tesco.)

Between them the fuchsia. (Tesco).

These are the new plants waiting for me to plant them.  (Happy Plant.)

So - if I can break the habit, they will be in the soil tomorrow afternoon.  Following my weekly coffee at Cafe Connect with the girls, lunch at the Lighthouse Museum, and an afternoon down the shed........ No !  I will be outwith the shed planting and weeding.  Well - that is if it doesnt habitually rain.


Laura said...

Ha - "20% off EVERYTHING!" was precisely my reaction, too, when i visited there yesterday. But i let the unrelenting rain put me off actually purchasing anything (besides tea and cake, of course) so am very impressed at your perseverance on the garden front!

BadPenny said...

I'm a bit of a Monday morning cleaner too. What Happy plants they are. I too imagine myself in a walled garden - mine is by a fence ( which is about to fall down so maybe we could build a wall ? )