Tuesday, 17 May 2011

View from a rear window.

Just had to add this to earlier post. This evening I looked out of the dining room window and could not believe what I was seeing. One often sees the odd pheasant around and about. But here was a harem! One very large and colourful male with three, yes three, wives. They are so well camouflaged it is difficult, but I assure you there are three. Try clicking on the photo.
My camera is not good enough to have taken this I asked Mike to use his new all singing all dancing effort. The field, we can now see, minus the Leylandii, has the odd telegraph pole which the farmer has to take care around when ploughing, so there is this clump at the base. And there they were.

I will do another post about the wild life around here. So totally different to where we moved from and only fifteen minutes away....

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