Monday, 30 May 2011


Another bargain from Focus. Their closing down sale is currently offering 20% off everything. Just hope we have a good summer! Mike put it all together this morning, and then we had a hail storm.

This is the dining room window. Soon to become a patio door. Chap came this afternoon and gave us a quote, which was a lot less than we were expecting. I have given up on local builders.

"We'll be with you next week......" "We'll give you a call, probably next week....." Three weeks ago now. At least this chap came, and his company do the drawings for the planning department. Scotland's Planning rules are so different to England. You need some sort of form if you want to remove a toilet roll holder it seems. I spoke to the planning department first as I had seen the sort of stuff in the local paper that was asking for Building Warrants or Planning permission. Stuff you would never know had been done! Removing internal doors for instance. The problem comes when you sell your property as the solicitors want to see Completion Certificates for any alterations.
For us we have to have three copies of architectural drawings, metric scale, to obtain a building warrant.

He was very concerned that the house appeared to be built of granite. Which we discovered it was at the front. But the original cottage has been extended with breeze blocks? Anyway they can cut through whatever it is, which you can't with granite.

Whilst he was out at his car getting his camera I watched three deer run across the field at the rear.

So I shall be able to watch the sunset and the wild-life from an arm chair someday soon!

And when the decking one will step out onto is in place, and my new table and chairs possibly situated, oh! its all too much!

(And of course, this will be the worst Summer we have ever had, and I will be blown off the deck and the new chairs will smash the new patio door.)

Note to self: Check the insurance.

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Lynn said...

Think on the bright side - patio door, decking, furniture will all fit together like proverbial jigsaws and many a happy wine down at CC will be enjoyed.
PS and many an insurance man will be sitting pretty, but at least you'll have peace of mind!