Sunday, 29 May 2011

Perfect Day.

Favourite song by Leonard Cohen et al. Love to do housework to this.

Here is our wall art. In the dining room. Above the piano. Yet another example of something I thought I would never, ever buy or give houseroom to, but somehow it goes.

New ceiling lights in the sitting room.
And wall lights to match.

Still pinching myself that I have changed my preferred internal decor......

The kitchen patio doors curtains.

Back to sanity.

White campion.


And plantain.

This morning I began to paint. We have a wallpaper in the hall stairs and landing which is a bit too naff for our taste. Shiny pink bits in a beige furry wall paper. Against anyones taste! But after a test easily paintable over. So we had the tester pots and the large pieces of paper pinned up everywhere with the different colours. And we both chose the same one, which is a first. Focus is closing down so with a long list himself was sent off to purchase.

This morning I began to paint. After a while I was squinting at the walls and thinking this doesnt look right, I didnt choose anything cream, it was white we chose. Cotton white by Dulux, vinyl finish. Looked at paint can, Snowdrop, matt.........Right.

Then I thought ho hum I will go and re-pot the rubber plant. Into the new pot himself has purchased from the Focus sale. Old pot measured 9 inches, needed one bigger and pot for it to stand in even bigger. Pick up plant pot, smaller than what its in already. Check shopping list, quite clear what I had asked for.

Now checking out Altzheimer website so not that much of a perfect day.

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