Sunday, 15 May 2011

Compost heap here I come.

Why oh why do I let him take photographs of me? What a frump I look! No chance to stand properly, shift the cat, adjust the clothing, say cheese - no its took, lets go. (Compliments later received made me decide to stay off the compost heap - but this photo has now been deleted.)

Yes, thats mine, the red bottle, white for Linda and rose for Lena. We worked out this was the cheapest way to imbibe. Not sure it was the wisest way.

This is a starlit table cloth. With Lena trying to get the 'stars' to flash. Hoping for potential brides to book her for their celebrations after being duly wowed by this and the starlight curtain, also on display, behind the Beauty Queen line up.

It wasn't one of the most enjoyable evenings compared to others at the Waterside Inn. It was a bit like being in the audience for Britains got Talent. Each contestant had a table full of supporters who screamed and cheered every time 'their' girl opened her mouth or was mentioned. Every one of the contestants said, "I like meeting people, " as their reason for entering the competition and not one could think of anything else to say apart from one who had either been coached very well or did nothing but watch Miss World from morning till night.

The food was disappointing. I always worry when its chicken for the masses.If I go out for one of these evenings and there is a choice I avoid the chicken. There was no choice.

Fortunately the company was good. The wine ditto. Never did find out who won as we crashed out before then and I dont remember coming home.

So I have not done very much at all today. But then Sunday is a day of rest.

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