Thursday, 19 May 2011

Theres more!

The pictures yesterday were from the internet. But - just to prove I was telling the truth -these two pictures were taken by Mike on his morning walk today. Roe Deer.

We can hear the pheasant calling/shouting and all the other bird calls but also the sound of peacocks. This photo is from the internet also, purely for illustration! But I am reliably informed there are two male peacocks at a house nearby and we can hear them from our garden.

At last! No more cold feet, trying to get cats to come in at night, and having to let them out as it gets light - 4a.m.

The joiner appeared with the replacement panel for the 'back' door and also fitted a cat door into the summerhouse. What a relief.

As you can see from the picture above we need to provide a step for the two smaller cats! At the moment this step consists of an upturned wooden seed tray. Needless to say our two males of the species are still cowering upstairs "Strange man, making loud horrible noises."

Whilst little Min, the female has been in and out without a care in the world. "Easy, peasy."

The joiner and I had long chats whilst he was doing the installations. Firstly he had installed the one in the house door the wrong way round.

When I pointed this out, he said, "But it looks awful that way round, that cant be right."

I then explained to him how the magnet on the cats collar worked and showed him. Its to let them get out, but only them to get in. They have to put their heads right in to the tunnel to activate the magnet which releases the lock on the door. So the tunnel has to be on the outside.


We then exchanged information, as you do, I got from him thumbnail sketches of who lives roond and aboot whilst he tried to find out how much we had paid for the house, where we came from, were we retired, where was my mannie the day? And so on. Satisfaction on both sides.

He also made me smile as he explained that he used to be a 'Paper Loon.' Paper boy to all you Southerners. And was afraid of the dark. Having always lived in the toon he was worried about moving to the country, where its dark. Well Strichen where he came from I wouldnt call a toon but it does have street lights, so that could explain that. But he has got over his fear and "Well likes it now."

I told him I had been far more scared living in a built up area than I ever had here or our last house.

Pointing out with some sarcasm that I would never have gone to bed with the door wide open to let cats in and out in a built up area that I had had to do here. My only worry here was a bloody great draft from not having a cat door..... Point was taken, with a rueful grin.

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