Friday, 6 May 2011

Who's got a new camera then?

Not me! The dawn walker has decided to compete with me. Of course he can do better, its a better camera...... Makes you sick, mutter, mutter.
Anyroads, this is a Whitethroat, would have thought that was obvious. Although some bird names are not so accurate. Hooded crow. Hmm. Do they hang out by the chip shop? Always think Puffins should be struggling for breath. And Swallows, do they? Blue tit, I leave that to your imagination. When its cold.

More importantly, and this one is by me. This is what we have from the dining room now.
Instead of this.

Isnt that amazing! Conifers all shredded too.

Gardens quite a lot bigger. Although one now has plans to have a decking platform and glass doors from the dining room. This room is so much lighter its already hard to remember how gloomy it was. Our new dining set is now gleaming in the light, and reflections bouncing off the walls. (Not sure we really wanted that.)

This morning I took Puzzle Cat to the vets. He was the only casualty of the move. When we got here I had to put the three cats into a bathroom while the removal men did their stuff. Our largest cat, Sith, was by far the most nervous of all the happenings. At some stage he took it out on poor Puzzle and sunk his teeth into him. It was healing quite nicely. But then some infection must have been there. I wont spoil your tea with any more - so off to the vets. Two injections and pills and potions and £40 lighter returned with fingers crossed he gets some fur growing and stops looking like Quasimodo.

Its been a dull, mizzly day today. But as the Leylandii came down the sun came out. See - even Mother Nature approves.

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