Monday, 23 May 2011

Staying in!

Had to pinch this pic of the wind from Google. Not easy to photograph something you can't see. But boy, you can hear it, and I guess I could have taken pictures of the trees. It is supposed to be dying down about now, but sounds even stronger than earlier in the day.
If I was to go outside I would be blown over that's for sure.
So indoor stuff.
Cleaned through.
Bathed Phoebe, the parrot.
Cleaned out her cage.
We are hoping that now she has laid three eggs the hormonal stage will cease. She first laid three eggs two years ago. After which it was back to normal.
Missed last year.
Her shrieking becomes almost unbearable. Whenever she sees me, who is the chosen mate, unfortunately. Its either the shrieking or the strange noise I cannot describe in words which then becomes a clucking sound.
So - ironing in the bedroom, out of sight.
Then it was time to relax.

Here is the 'wonderful' electric fire we inherited with the house. And our t.v. attached to brackets intended for a much larger set! After much discussion we are to continue with the electric monstrosity during this winter and see how the warmth levels are. We had planned for the chimney to be opened up and a wood burning stove installed, but I know from friends that a wood burner is very warm. In our previous home it would have been a big plus, but here might become a big minus. I suppose you can be too hot?
As regards the tele on the wall. Again, we have decided to stick with it. Just to change the brackets so there are no wires showing, or brackets. Who'd a thought it. Me gone modern.

Now, sorry, but you just cannot escape the wildlife pictures. Neither of us can lay claim to this one as our jackdaws come to the bird table like Superman. Whoosh. We may one day catch them on our cameras, but for now, again I have borrowed this from Google.

I spent about an hour reading my 'Buchan by the Reverend John B. Pratt.' This book was published in 1858. It is a first edition and is illustrated. It is totally absorbing. Particularly the arguments and raised tempers over religion. So whats new!

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