Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hangmans Hill.

I have passed this woodland many times. It has always fascinated me, this circle of coniferous trees, ringed by broad leaf trees. Why would anyone do this? My husband maintained it was to protect the conifers, which were a cash crop for the farmer. But it has been there for the nine years we have lived here and just got bigger. No-one has harvested the 'cash crop' of pines.

Today I finally found out what it was all about. In the middle is, what was allegedly, the place where the gibbet was, and the miscreants of the area were hanged. The name of the hill was actually given to me in Doric, but translates as Hangman's Hill. I still do not know why the woodland is still there.

We have, today, been out all day. First it was to register at our new doctors. In Fraserburgh. Appointment made with the practice nurse to go through all our ills, mostly mine, in fact all mine.

Then it was back to our old village to vote.

Here in Scotland we were presented with three ballot papers.
One for the AV - alternative voting system.
One for the parliament.
And one for the - do you know I really dont know what it was.....but one was about three feet in length. I managed to put my cross on what I considered the right places. And shoved them in the three boxes provided.

I was very sympathetic to the returning officer who helped me colour code into the right boxes. He must have to repeat this ad infitum.

I sometimes wonder what I present as. I like to think I look like a late teenager, fashionably dressed, and then I get someone like this lovely chap leading me by the hand as if I am an old crone.....

My husband has actually just explained to me the last one, which if I could get him to explain it to you is actually better than the AV. Trust the Scots to be in there first - and better.

We then went to our Garden Centre to spend the voucher a dear friend had sent us. We bought two buddleas. Never managed to get one to grow up here. But I have high hopes for these two. Also two carnationy things for the front garden and a lovely anemone. A few other bits. Got to the other side of the check out - I then remembered the voucher..... Have to go back again!

Then on to our friend Kath's for 2p.m. for a meeting of the local tourism group. Having had lunch at the garden centre, it was quite a deep breath moment to be presented with a large buffet type spread, typical of the Scottish hospitality, "You'll have had your tea?" Mike did it justice but I had to mutter about small stomachs, and hernias, and grovel, grovel, grovel. There was even three bottles of red wine - which I really struggled to say no at! But I was driving. Have to go back again!

Now here is my husband looking as if all his Christmasses have come at once.

His new bike, well as far as our married life and before is concerned, his first bike.

His first trip was not very far. He went to the local farm shop that sells 25 different varieties of potato and bought carrots for a carrot cake.

The Formartine and Buchan Way is what was the railway line in this area. The railway was closed when Mr Beeching said so, (google him), and has now become a walking, cycling track, all over the North East of Scotland. It went through Longside our last village, and is near to us here. Once on it we could go down it to near our friends and in the other direction to Fraserburgh. This was his second bike ride. All the way to Tescos!

Coming back from both unscathed he then cycled to the Loch of Strathbeg, though this was on lanes. But quite a bit further. He is now showing a healthy tan, and hopefully, soon a more toned body.....

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