Monday, 9 May 2011

Around the garden.

Beautiful day today, after yesterdays continuous rain. Mike cut the grass. It was 15 degrees, not bad for the Nor East, but along came the wind. Which you can see is pretty strong from the angle of the leaves on the tree below.

This bed is in the middle of the side lawn. The Hostas are magnificent. But I think they need splitting. I will see what flowers we get from them. Two very large clumps. A couple of potentillas and, of course, a cherry. You can just make out some solar lights. We brought them with us, but fear some have not survived the move. I keep forgetting to go out and check which are working when it gets dark. It is getting later and later now, and next month will hardly get dark at all.

This is a picture of the first sunset we have been able to see from the house. Another reason for getting rid of those Leylandii.

This is in the evening at the front. Still a big sky!

Mike is now planning the garden. Starting with the extra we have now the Leylandii have gone. He has drawn up a design which includes lots of ideas from my friend Lynn. We are to terrace the slope. Have climbers up the fence, and he is going to make a pergola. Parts of that part of the garden, along the fence, get sun most of the day.

For me today has been a bit of a wasted one. I went to see the practice nurse to be weighed and measured etc. at our new doctors. That was mid morning. Before I went I did manage to vac throughout downstairs and mop the laminate floors.

On my return I phoned the joiner supposed to be fitting us a cat door. Apparently the size of panel required to replace the glass is not standard. So he hasnt had it delivered to him yet. Not sure I believe this. And I am fed up of sitting with outside doors open and wind howling round my ankles so the cats can access the outdoors, and get back in again.

Then I phoned the decorator. He is to come and quote for painting the summer house. I want it to blend in more with its surroundings. Not scream "Look at me I am a log cabin." Because it isnt. I also want him to paint the inside of the summerhouse as I feel that will vastly improve it and make it feel even more spacious.

Then I spent goodness how many hours looking for a library book I had borrowed on my first visit to Cairnbulg library. I have a dreadful feeling it has somehow got in with the stuff that went in the paper recycling.....and it has been collected. What is worse I think it was one of those limited editions efforts done by a local person. So may well be irreplaceable. I may have to offer my first edition of Pratt's Buchan in exchange....

So a wasted day in that I didnt seem to achieve very much. Nothing you can see and feel satisfaction looking at it and thinking, I did that.

Next is to get quotes for a patio door in the dining room. Then for fitting laminate in the rooms where it isnt. Dining room, our bedroom and bathroom. With three cats I do prefer a hard floor as opposed to carpets. Then change the interior doors downstairs as they are that awful plain sapele, boring and dark. By then I will have no money left, probably before then!

Might have to start offering bed and breakfast again.


Lynn said...

Will you be keeping chickens?

Jill said...

No - reluctand decision. Later this year we are to be summonsed for a new grandchilds advent and possibly even more at some stage. Three cats and a parrot is enough for anyone to look after if we were away. So for the moment, sadly its no chickens or ducks....