Saturday, 21 May 2011

More wildlife?

Just round the corner from our house is a wee white cottage and next door to that a sprawling house, with loads of steadings, outbuldings and a very large front garden. The garden is crammed full of garden gnomes, statues of all kinds, aeroplane propellors going round in the wind, oh, all manner of crazy things that you just have to smile at. I will try to get more pictures, but one does feel a bit intrusive! I know what I would be thinking if someone faced onto my house and started snapping away. We have seen the owner a couple of times. He is an elderly man and drives a tractor, very slowly. Attached to the tractor is a flat bed trailer and a dog sits on it, no worries about having to keep his balance!
This morning was cold, windy and grey. So plan B swung into operation. Plan A was to get the climbing plants we bought, almost two weeks ago, into the ground. Too cold for that. So it was off to B&Q in Peterhead.
We had a long list.
Mike has decided he cannot stand the wallpaper which is on porch, hallway and stairs and landing. It is not at the top of my priorities but paint tester pots were put on the list. It should be fairly easy to paint over the paper, its a bit like the anaglypta stuff, with shiny bits. Water butts, compost bins, interior doors, light fittings for the sitting room, ceiling and wall, and a small shelf unit for the kitchen, mainly for the recipe books, decking, bathroom flooring, all to look at, price and possibly purchase.
We came away with three tester pots of paint, earmarked the interior doors, didnt like any of the lights, and purchased three pots of a blue campanula which spreads, and will be planted with the clematis to cover their roots. Know the feeling, well I can afford to spend, and theres nothing there to spend it on?? If I was sixty years younger I would have sulked.
Then we went for a Macdonalds...... I always feel wicked having a Macdonalds. My daughters dont approve. I have one every few years or so, and really enjoy them. Their coffee is always very good too.
Back home to trawl the internet and then sent Mike off to Argos in Fraserburgh for a set of shelves. He is getting to be very good at flat pack furniture and the shelves were up and filled with not one swear word.
This picture shows a sample of wallpaper from B&Q which may be our feature wall in our bedroom. The flowers - and butterflies - are gold and the background is cream. Which matches the bed throw. Not a good colour reproduction here. The walls in the bedroom are currently a sandy gold which would be changed to match the background of the wallpaper. The curtains are a chocolate brown with gold cow parsley type flower on, so I think it will look okay. Even with the naff built in wardrobe doors. These are sapele, which according to the internet one should not paint as one is better off replacing them and selling them. Still not sure about that. I am sure I dont like them. They were a feature in every seventies house apparently. Well, yes, I remember them well, dont think I liked them then either.
And here, in the kitchen, is our new shelf unit.

There will be more cookery books on the shelves. Once I find them! We have come to realise that there is somewhere a box of stuff that was in our old kitchen that we have not yet unpacked. I am just hoping it wasnt one taken off to the charity shop by mistake. The stuff on the shelves will be tweaked also, I just transferred the stuff piling up on the kitchen table!

And at last the cat litter trays have been cleaned and consigned to the garage. They were fairly well tucked away under the stairs, but we were getting to the stage where lazy cats were coming in to go to the loo. I dont think so.

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