Saturday, 28 May 2011

Growing wild.


Bluebells. Note, these are proper Scottish bluebells. Not the invasive non native American ones.

Cow Parsley. This can be amazing brought in as a cut flower in a vase.


Please enlarge this one, it is amazing. It is a tree creeper gathering food for it's young.

Mike took all these photographs on his early morning walk round the woodlands this morning.

Later in the morning we went off to Aberdeen. Looking for curtains for the kitchen patio door. I wanted to change what was there to be totally different to when there was a parrot cage there. We also have been looking for lights for the sitting room. Successful in both!

Unsuccessful in our search for crockery to enhance our dining room. Problem always when I have a picture in my mind and then cannot find it. I want orange! I thought it was this years colour. Well it is in soft furnishings. But not in crockery. I did toy with the idea of using Creuset pie dishes as plates in my desperation - the perfect orange colour! So the search goes on.

We then called in at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel. Friends of ours are celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary and had booked in there and their friends from afar and family also.

Mike and I had to really bite our tongues. There were no tea bags, the kettle was plugged in in a cupboard in a side board, only two cups and saucers, despite them knowing they would be entertaining friends and family throughout the afternoon. The room was tiny, and had the ensuite off, upstairs was the actual bedroom on a mezzanine floor. So if I had stayed I would have risked life and limb coming down stairs to go to the loo in the middle of the night. This was special offer to them at only £89 bed and breakfast. We charged £60 and our rooms were twice as big with an en suite and we had a bowlful of fruit teas, herbal teas, ordinary teas, coffee, decaff, hot choc and home baked biscuits. The room was also airless and stuffy. Heating on full tilt and outside it was boiling hot.

Couldnt get out of there fast enough.

Back home. To peace and quiet. Well apart from the swearing and huffing and puffing as himself puts up the new light fittings. Getting wilder.


Lynn said...

Love the tree creeper pic.
What is Mike's camera?
Cow parsley was very in at Chelsea this year - I fancy putting it in the garden.
We saw a white wagtail today we usully only see the pied.

Jill said...

Mike is impressed - white wagtail not easy to identify.

Lynn said...

I didn't identify it - Steve did! Don't forget to ask what his camera is!
Orange crockery - has loads of different orange crockery - be careful though - double check - some is melamine - loads is proper crockery though and very posh too.

Jill said...

Fujifilm. Fine pix HS10.
And thanks for the website. Will check it out.