Monday, 2 May 2011

Spiders webs in the early morning.

Another picture from the dawn walker.

We have just returned from taking afternoon tea at the Manse. Genteel or what? And yes we did have cucumber sandwiches. And coffee and walnut cake. Yum. Walked round the walled garden. Everything so far on and in bloom, beautiful. We then sat in the sunshine by the house.

Strangely enough when we first looked in this area to buy a house, this house was one we looked at. We had just been told we could not have the one we did subsequently buy, and had gone to view this one in desperation! It needed an awful lot spending on it, although it was then very beautiful. It is now extremely beautiful. No way could I have got it to the stage it is now. We never thought then that we would be buying a totally different, much younger house, just a stones throw away, as we have now done.

Yet another beautiful sunny day. Though we had the wind today which cooled things down quite a lot. I zoomed off to the garden centre and wearing blinkers went straight for the potting compost and home again. Wearing blinkers so I didnt buy anything else. We have promised ourselves a thorough browse later in the week with a gift voucher, from a friend, firmly grasped.
Although there was a lonely bay tree sitting by the check outs so I shoved that in the trolley! I also got a very nice young man, who they said was 'free'. He got me another bag of compost as the one I had got nearly felled me as I dragged it into the trolley, and I darent risk getting another. He pushed the trolley to the car and loaded it up, but he wasnt that free that he was coming home with me. Huh.

I had dropped Mike off at Lucy's as she wanted her computer sorting. I dont know why she phones him up as he just stands there and tells her to do things and basically its down to her expecting things to happen in seconds and pressing again and again and saying it is S****. I went to pick him back up and also stood(Lucy's computer is in what is basically a cupboard, so theres not much room) and said, "Give it time, Lucy." Which she did and up everything came.......

By which time it was far too late for me to do anything other than pot up a few pots of nasturtium seeds. I couldnt find the plant labels so couldn't really do any more as I wouldnt know what was what. Well that was the excuse. And I had to get ready for me tea at the Manse.

Tomorrow our dining table and chairs are due to be delivered. So it will soon be in use for us to return the hospitality.

Bon Appetit.

My dear friend made a very valid point re the conifers protecting us from the wind. So far there hasnt been as much as at our previous home, which was mostly constant! When it is windy here its from the front of the house to the rear, where the conifers are. So they are protecting the field beyond! However, come the winter when the wind will come from the North, they will indeed be protecting the house and garden. On balance I shant much care then as I wont be in the garden and I also find them very oppressive. I will put some pictures up tomorrow to explain how oppressive they are. They also prevent the late afternoon, early evening, sunlight from shining on our outdoor seating area which otherwise would be in sunlight from dawn to dusk. Plus I really need my open view my soul cries out for it!

At the front of the house and side there also leylandii but these have been kept under control. Today Mike had his first go with the new battery operated hedge clipper. At last he has found something he can do well! No swearing, a quick short back and sides sir? Something for the weekend? He really has missed his calling.


Lynn said...

Steve longs for a hedge clipper (must be a boy thing) - will you put up a piccy plus the make?

Jill said...

Its a Bosch, it plugs in to charge it up. The alternatives are electric, dangerous wires! Or petrol, very heavy. It was from B&Q
I will put pics of hedge on tomorrow if you want or was it a picture of the clipper?!