Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Well now.....

Been a busy couple of days.

Yesterday we went to see my friend who, with her husband, runs a garden centre just outside one of the nearby villages. They employ and train adults with special needs. The garden centre is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the Buchan countryside, with the river winding through it. In fact it is where our Rotary have their duck race!

We chose, with some advice, two clematis, montana alba and montana elizabeth (thanks Lynn), a climbing hydrangea - always, always wanted one of these - and two quinces, one red, one white.



The hydrangea.

This is Elizabeth.

All still clumped together awaiting planting, round the back of the house, out of the wind.

Along with two of my Rogersii, from our previous house, and a rhubarb. They look quite pathetic dont they?! All clumped together, some in plastic bags.


Lynn said...

Espaliers - how cool is that - never thought of espaliers :)

Jill said...

Did I mean that? Where you make the thing grow horizontally? Usually up a wall rather than a fence.

lynn said...

yes ;0