Thursday, 26 May 2011

Laughter is so good for you!

Come on, you are smiling - just a little bit? Laughter is infectious. As are smiles. If you smile as you pass someone by, 9 times out of ten, they will smile back. Try it.
Last night was our weekly Rotary meeting. I had arranged the speaker. Unfortunately he had had to have an emergency operation on a wisdom tooth. Not funny. Scratting my brains to think of an alternative I suddenly had the memory of years ago being on a course, one of many, and the ice breaker, normally an event that sent your heart and brain plummeting, was to chat to another course member and then relate to the group as much as you could remember about that person.
Adapting this slightly, and with my enormous egg timer made from a bobbin from a Yorkshire Mill, I announced to the assembled Rotarians that they had one minute to tell us what they knew about the person on their left. Banged down the egg timer and we were off.
The results were hilarious. Some of them were sat next to someone they had known for years, some sat next to someone they barely knew and one of these just got through his minute by talking about himself! Some were very clever and just repeated back the chit chat that had gone on earlier, where people shopped and how many wine cases they bought, what sort of day the person had had etc. It was also a lesson to be learned, particularly those who were stuck by a lack of knowledge and I hope they took that lesson on board and in future mixed a bit more and got to know more about their fellow Rotarians. But the main lesson was how good it was to laugh. Which everyone did - in bucket loads!
Today we went to our monthly meeting of the Best of Banffshire and Buchan Bed and Breakfasts. We got through the business, apologies, minutes etc. Exchanged details of who was full , who wasnt, had the usual moan about the Tourist Board, but every thing was tinged with humour.
At the end of the meeting comes the best bit, tea, coffee and a home bake. And more chat.
One couple have recently put their property on the market and are planning on returning to their roots, back in England.
"Why would you want to do that?" was the question asked.
"Well - its to die." The answer intended to mean this would be their last move.
But her partner just looked askance and said, "Well, I'm not coming with you then."
The printed page does not do this comment justice.
You know that feeling that you cannot stop laughing, and the so well timed comment goes back through your mind and you set off again? Well, that was me.
I havent felt so good in ages. Laughter, truly the best medicine.

Now we have a very blurry photograph of Crimond Airfield at dusk. Both Mike and I have tried and tried to capture this image. Once it begins to get dark these lights appear and glow red when really dark. Bit spooky. What is even more spooky that we have both been unable to get a crystal clear image and this image is the best of many but still not right.

We see these lights from our front window. Crimond Airfield is not in use any more. Some parts have to be traversed to get to one of the hides for the Loch of Strathbeg. Some parts are used for stock car racing at certain times.

The land itself is still owned by the Ministry of Defence and is a Royal Naval Wireless Telegraphy Station. The Antenna masts are 900 feet high. What concerns me is how do they make our photographs go blurry..........?

Spooky. But after today I can still laugh about it and everything!

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