Sunday, 14 April 2019


Not done much of a day.

Both the DP and I are still tired after family visit last week!  

Windy and cold.  

Lots more smelly sea weed.  Lots of gulls.  Hardly any people.  Or dogs.

Back home.  Our field being sown.

And from the racket outside is still going on.

Dyson Pheasant visited with his harem.

A sad end to the day.  One of the Ewes had twin lambs and both dead due to being stuck.  Hoping the remaining 5 deliver safely.

To cheer me and you up here is the DPs photo from his Dawn Patrol today.  Birds gather nesting material!!!


Laurie said...

ahhh, that is a sad ending to a possible new beginning,, the poor mama,,,such a loss,

Chris@Days in My Life said...

…..but at least you got to the Prom for your daily constitutional. Too bad about the lambs, nature is cruel sometimes.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

How sad for the lambs and their mum. Glad you got your ring off too - I ought to look at doing something with mine before it gets too tight to get off.