Thursday, 30 January 2014

I need cheering up!

What better way than having a tour around where I am so fortunate to live.

Pennan.  North of Fraserburgh.  Famous as it featured in the film 'Local Hero', starring Burt Lancaster.  He was head of an American Oil Company who wanted to buy up the village and turn it into an oil refinery.  The only way of communication between head office and the henchman sent to the village was by a ,now iconic,red phone box.  Which is still there. (Although it was a different one used by the cameraman!)   To my readers outwith the U.K. our red telephone boxes were all removed by the telephone company and replaced by boring grey efforts.  But the one in Pennan was allowed to remain.

More important, the pub,also featured in the film is still there.  For such a small village quite an achievement also!

Crovie below.  Pronounced round here as Crivie.

Pennan has a road that goes past the houses.  Along the edge of the sea.  Crovie has no road.  Just a path.

Youngest daughter keeping well away from the edge.
 So, when the inhabitants have been shopping, they park at the other end from this picture, and unload their cars into a wheelbarrow. 

Cormorant drying its wings.(Very like me doing my physio, tho I have to bring my bingo wings round to the front and then above my head.)

The road in to Crovie.

Notice how the houses are gable end on to the sea.  Most of us would think I want a view of the sea from my house.  Well, no you don't.  Not that close to the sea.  Pretty calm today but there are other days.  Most of any windows onto the sea have shutters also.

Same cormorant,now semaphoring the ships.  These,I think, have had containers on them and have delivered them to the oil rigs.  Masses of these toing and froing while the sea is calm -ish.

So why do I need cheering up.  Well.  To keep it brief.  When you give of yourself to help others, there is always some bullying b'stard being nasty, and dropping big hints that you are on the make.  

Perhaps when my muscles continue to grow (more wonderful physio today} ......but no, once a pacifist,always a pacifist.

Am now cheered up.  Ahhhhhh.


Mum said...

Breathe deeply then feel sorry for the BB. You know yourself and they don't. Keep smiling.
Love from Mum

Victoria Peel said...

Umm the world is full of them .... chin up.
Thanks for the pic's x

Christine Laennec said...

So sorry to hear insecure people are making unpleasant noises in your direction. Keep your head up! And perhaps your arms as well, but not for TOO long? X

rusty duck said...

Crovie looks lovely, but maybe a little too close to the sea.
There is a village in Devon, Clovelly, where everything into the village arrives by sled. The 'road' is too steep for cars. They also charge you an arm and a leg to get in, but that's another story.

Terra said...

Oh sweetie, there are always annoying people turning up every once and a while, aren't there? The village and your photos are lovely. I am unhappy that so many of the iconic red phone booths are removed! Tis outrageous.

BadPenny said...

I love that film. I expect the pub gets visitors location hunting ! A sad day when all our red telephone boxes went - will be post boxes one day probably.

Git. There's always one. Have a good rant then put it behind you xx
We know how dedicated you are xx

Marjorie said...

Thanks. I never realized Local Hero was filmed so close to Fraserburg. I love that film as well.