Thursday, 2 January 2014

Time to get moving.

That is what New Year does to you.  Seeing and hearing of everyone's resolutions I just look blank.  But then it sinks in - perhaps I should too. 

MUST make a renewed and concerted effort to locate a central heating engineer .  They all say, "Oh I am really busy this week, phone me next week."  

So why cannot I make an appointment for next week?

We do not have a leaky tap, but there is a leak somewhere as we have to daily top up our oil heated central heating boiler.

MUST plant bulbs.  Yet again I was seduced by a special offer.  100 Allium bulbs.  Always forget that means getting down and muddy and freeze to get the damn things in the soil.

"He needs a picture to fill a space, about this big, this wide, this tall.  Boxing Hares."

Resolution.  If you like one of my paintings buy it.  Do not ask me to fill a space.  

I have over the last two days begun and discarded so many Boxing Hares.....


I dont like MUST.

Here is one I did whilst prevaricating!


Hey ho, time to get moving.


Mum said...

These oyster catcher pics are my favourite.
Love from Mum

justjill said...

I dont really now why but they remind me of men on a beach, say in the 50s when they had hankies on their heads, tied at 4 corners and trousers rolled up for a paddle. They dont look like that but thats what I think of when the painting is done!