Saturday, 4 January 2014


I have lived in towns and cities.  In suburbs.  On streets, on Avenues, on Lanes, on a road with just the name of a train engine. (Tamworth, for anyone interested, an overspill from Birmingham, had whole housing estates named after trains, cars - imagine living on Reliant, Rover, TriumphOur road was called Caradoc.  It did become rather tedious when asking for ones address for a parcel delivery  - road, street? None, just Caradoc.)  Wherever I have lived I have looked.  Particularly at birds and everything else thats around. 

Our last house didnt  have a road name at all.

Although it was on the ordnance survey map.  No good to man nor beast in this day of SATNAV.

Our current house does not have a road name either.  We share a post code with  other properties fields away.  

 If you follow the road down from Cairness Wood, at the top,  down to the t junction thats where we are....  I think.  So we get a lot of delivery drivers looking for where to deliver!

Apart from living in the middle of nowhere, there are some big pluses.

Look up, ignore the soil pipe..... just look how many stars.


Despite the street lights of Fraserburgh to the left and our neighbours who insist on floodlighting their property, never sure why, we can see so much sky.

 Here is the same view with the Aurora Borealis.

It doesn't matter where you live you can look at birds.  If you feed them they will come.

Big Garden Birdwatch

25-26 January 2014  with the RSPB.

 Get Looking!


Anonymous said...

you live in a heavenly area,

rusty duck said...

Thought I'd do the bird watch this year, provided they all stay still for a moment.
It is wonderful having a dark sky. Very envious of the northern lights though!

BadPenny said...

I'm looking at the birds through my kitchen window right now Jill so is Bramble who makes funny little noises when he sees a Pigeon. Luckily he leaves them alone - he's too old for all that nonsense but the naughty old boy raids the dustbins & is then sick !

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous skyscapes! I was relieved to find that we can see stars from where we live in Glasgow - the major constellations at least, and provided it isn't raining of course. I plan to find a way to get out into the countryside to see even more, this winter.
I love your boxing hares too! (Nearly wrote 'hairs'...)