Friday, 3 January 2014

Girding up ones loins.

Never have really understood that phrase, tho I use it a lot.  Always have a vision of 


So - back to resolutions.

Boxing Hares.

Shedudio is full of 'em. 

  Decided to go with this one.  With alterations and help from some other photographs, so unsure who to give credit to!

The Hare on the ground is thinking, left or right hook?  The one which will be directly above, as opposed to on the left of.... looking, to say the least, disjointed!

Hopefully all will come together.

Meanwhile I am now eyeing up the stuff to come apart.  Like the Christmas Tree.  Well it doesn't actually come apart as its a real one.  We argue every year as to when 12th night is.  I maintain its the 4th January, if you count Christmas Eve as the first night.  

Well do you know what hour Mary gave birth?  

I have all on to remember the time I gave birth, so how are a load of men going to get it right?  Kings -  huh.  Shepherds? Na.  

And did Joseph or any of them wear a watch????

Right, tree down tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

I thought you didn't manage to get a tree this year? Lovely artwork again, clever you! xx

saving for travel said...

What beautiful paintings Jill. I love hares, they are so full of personality and you have captured that brilliantly.

Sft x

BadPenny said...

Jan 5th is the night of the kings in Spain. Our decs stay up til the 6th but as today is a Sunday I shall take em down today.

Are you watching the Kangaroo man on the TV ? those dear rescued baby Roos & their gentle faces remind me of hares.
Loving your hare series.