Saturday, 1 February 2014

At home.

This house,unlike our last,does not shake,rattle and roll.  Therefore you get quite a shock when you go outside and are blown off your feet.

High tides at the moment and strong winds.  You cannot go anywhere without falling over a drenched photographer.

Fortunately we live 3 miles away from all this.  Although our fields around are having their own problems as the water has nowhere to go now the ground is so wet.  The sheep across the road are practising their breaststroke and bobbing for neeps (swedes, turnips).

I went down to the shedudio much faster than I came back, thanks to the force 10 gale.

Once there,Pavarotti and Madame Butterfly, heater on,I was off into my own world.

I usually have at least two paintings on the go, or three.  I use watercolour and while waiting for it to dry I could do press ups and stretches, but prefer to carry on with another painting.  Other artists are in awe at how prolific I am. What they do not realise is that when I suddenly produce three paintings at once, it has actually taken some time!

I should say here that my header 'At Home' does not mean what it used to mean,when the aristocracy welcomed guests in to their home.  I am not of the aristocracy and if anyone disturbs me down the shed..... so perhaps I should have said,"Not at Home."


Anonymous said...

Darn, I was about to have my lady's maid drop my card off! x

BadPenny said...

I'm so sad for all the burrowing / den animals.

I nearly got blown over so imagine quite a few elderly villager were knocked over like tenpins ( I hope they stayed indoors )