Friday, 10 January 2014

Night Out!

The Dawn Patroller is a member of Fraserburgh Photographic Society.  Each year the Society has an evening when partners are allowed in and the idea is is that we scoff everything that each has left over from the Christmas, and more importantly here, the Ne'er Day (New Years Day) festivities.  Well, I dont know about you but there is never anything left.

 So its off to T**** .  And seeing what the rest of the Society brought they did the same.  Altho there were some very strange sandwiches which we were told were minced ham (?) and egg.  An interesting taste. ..... Not sure of the texture....or if they were left over.....
But there was plenty wine, cheese and biscuits.  Sausage rolls, quiche, crisps and peanuts. (The latter donors, we know who you are, cheapskates.)

The highlight of the evening is the slide show.  One year it was "This is the building that was bombed, here is another building that was bombed, " and so on.  Did you know Fraserburgh was the second place to London that had the most bombs dropped?  Well, neither did I, but on their way home the nasty Nazis jettisoned any old bomb they had left.  On Fraserburgh.  Now some people think that is still a good idea.

Anyway last night was on the 1960s and 1970s.

 No - this was in the 1930s, one of the posters produced by the railways to promote train travel.  But in the era we were looking at we still had trains and a train station.

 The buses looked like this.

Kids looked like this, no change there then.


 And Fraserburgh had THE BEATLES!!!!!!  Before they were famous, and pre Ringo too and not sure about the one on the right.

(I also saw the Beatles before they were famous, but they did have Ringo. )

Now I have a confession to make.  None of these pictures were seen last night.  No.  We had photograph after photograph of Fraserburgh Gala throughout the two decades with various people saying " Is that Alex/Donald/Sandy/ Moira/Mhairi ?" followed by a detailed account of how, when and from what they died and what a splendid funeral they did or didnt have.

So I leave you with yet another photograph that we didnt see last night.



Anonymous said...

amazing, I really enjoy your posts, I can't imgaine what a thrill it must have been to meet he Beatles, maybe not at that moment but after, when they were so famous, you would have that memory to hold, its so much fun to look at old photos isn;t it, I wonder if the new generation will feel this way .I still print photos, I like to put them in my books, I like to hold them, Im not gracefully entering the electronic world, lo

BadPenny said...

I really like old railway posters - have a couple from Brighton.

Mum said...

At least most of the food was good!
Love from Mum

Marjorie said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. I would have died of boredom at that event.

Anonymous said...

Jill you are a hoot! Your photos and commentary are both excellent. Did you get through the evening by composing this blog post in your head?