Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday storms - and rants.

The bad weather, that a lot of my blogging friends have been experiencing,  finally arrived here.  We have seen some very big swells in the sea.   Today we had the wind and the rain inland.  I think every down pipe and gutter was rattling, not in tune either.

I felt as if I was marooned down the shedudio.  One side I could not see out of as the rain lashed down and it was very dark.

So I brightened things up!  

 Commissions.  Beginning to hate them.  

I use watercolour.  Unlike oil or acrylic paints once its on the paper there is little you can do.  Remember the Oyster Catchers all asleep, so standing on one leg?  Well that was fairly easy to add the second leg requested.  But you cannot paint over most colours once applied.  Sometimes you can lift paint depending on, again, the colour.  Some stain and are permanent.  

So to be asked "Can you make them thinner, more twisted?"  

Well, no, I have to start again.  

This is the sixth and last, I shall do no more.  If he doesnt like this one then he can s** 0**  !

This began as a "I have a space to fill.....! "  Well this is a bit bigger than his measly space I can tell you.  Ha!

So - silly me, I take another commission.  " I would like a Coo for a friends birthday."

I haven't done many coos.  So I trawled through the DP's photos and did this.

"We are not amused."

Neither was the woman who asked for a coo.  Wants a Hairy Coo.........

SO!!!!  I began the above, not finished.  And if she asks me to remove the horns.....

The following are a record of the DP's brave, nay foolhardy, photos of todays weather.

You can see from this picture why there is a harbour, safe harbour, where the sea is calm within the protective walls.

 The above is one big boat but the waves are bigger.

Kinnaird Head, with the Wine Tower right on the edge.

 And finally our nearest village, Cairnbulg/Inverallochy where the wreck the Sovereign has been just off shore since 18th December 2005.  The mightier the storms it  shifts a bit.  But remains a good perch for Cormorants when its not quite so wild.


rusty duck said...

I love the hairy coo!!!!
If that one doesn't please I'd be amazed.
The DP's shots are fantastic, especially the first one.

Marjorie said...

Sorry about the would be critics of your work. I would gladly accept anything you made as is.

Marinab said...

The coo is amazing! I LOVE heilan'coos. I am sure the lady will love it but if she doesn't - come on over for a holiday and bring it with you please@

BadPenny said...

The Hares have so much movement dancing round each other like a couple of boxers - lovely

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't dream of telling an artist that I wanted things done differently...

take a deep breath! xx