Sunday, 12 January 2014

Its exciting int it?!

There is always something to see in the sea.  Not being au fait with a lot of the ships I have no idea what this is.  I do know we have had a Russian war ship moving about being shadowed by 'one of ours'.    In fact they all exchanged New Years greetings.  (So much for the scaremongering of the Daily Mail.)


Now this picture you have to have very good eye sight.    That is a Heron flying left to right.

This is for all of you who take pleasure from seeing washing on a line.

Usually to be seen beneath the washing is this magnificent Curlew.  No idea why.  They are usually in flocks.

Back on land and in the countryside.  It's that time of year again.


Here they come.  Past our front garden.

Into the neep field .
At the moment fencing is channelling them to the edge of the field, to the left.  But eventually the fence will be moved and we will be able to enjoy their antics.

Ploughing has been going on elsewhere, and will continue, and sowing next.  The cows and their calves will be out into the field when the grass starts to grow.  In between are the fields with burgeoning ewes and lambs will be arriving.

Told you - its exciting.


rusty duck said...

Aaah, they're back. There is something very relaxing about watching sheep.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing like the beauty of your photos, I enjoy each and everyone,

BadPenny said...

Oh to watch washing flapping on the line but more rain forecast.
Eat up your neeps sheep x